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Country: Guatemala

Continent: South America

Project Description: Child Aids mission is development through literacy. The organization believes education is the most effective long-term solution to poverty and focuses on rural villages where illiteracy disproportionately affects indigenous people. Child Aids has developed a multi-pronged program that provides teacher training in group and one-on-one follow-ups; leadership training for school principals; development of community libraries and librarian trainings; and the provision of over $500,000 in high-quality, Spanish-language books each year to schools and libraries. Website:

Category: Societal Issues

Age Group: 3 Early Childhood

View: Exterior view

Image Description: The photo was taken in 2013 in the town of Chuiquel, which is in the district of Patzun, to the east of Lake Atitlan. It is considered to be in the highlands of Guatemala with a very large concentration of indigenous Maya. The languages spoken in Chuiquel are Kaqchiquel and Spanish. Many students come into primary school with limited comprehension of Spanish, as the language at home will have been Kaqchiquel. The wood in the basket would have been cut from the surrounding forests and carried in large bundles on the backs of older, male family members. The young girls are carrying it into the house, most likely for cooking. The clothes they are wearing reflect traditional patterns that identify the particular area they live in. Young girls, and women, still wear these woven garments although boys and men generally wear Western clothing.

Image Date: 2013

Submittal Date: 2014-01

Photographer Name: Guarcha,Alejandro

Photographer City-State-Country: Guatemala

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