Visual Resource Center

The Visual Resource Center (VRC) in the Environmental Design Program at the University of Colorado (CU) is a modern media center, or information resources center. The VRC provides CU students and faculty members with access to a variety of photographic and audiovisual equipment, a portfolio photography studio room, and digital image collections.

The cornerstone academic service that the VRC provides for national accreditation purposes is a digital image library of over 100,000 educational images to facilitate academic research and classroom presentations (via the college's LUNA Insight image databases), as well as a streaming video server which stores lecture presentations from visiting scholars.

Digitization and photography services are provided by the VRC staff to CU faculty members in the Environmental Design Program who need help scanning or procuring digital images for use in classroom instruction, research publications, and websites. The VRC staff members purchase commercial images and videos for educational use, and provide professional input on digital imaging issues surrounding copyrights, digital file type choices, image correction software, and long term digital file storage.

CU students utilize the VRC's photography studio to create image portfolios of their coursework in order to seek jobs or land internships in the architecture, landscape architecture or planning fields, or to receive college scholarships.

The VRC staff members also serve as professional photographers for the college, taking faculty and staff portraits, photographing classroom juries and critiques, videotaping lectures, and documenting images of faculty research and student life for use in college websites, brochures, and other publications.

Contact the VRC staff:

Visual Resource Center
University of Colorado
Environmental Design Program
1060 18th Street
314 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0314 USA

Telephone: 303-492-2808
Fax: 303-492-6163

Office of Information Technology (OIT) Managed Services and Consulting Group

The University of Colorado at Boulder OIT Managed Services and Consulting team manages the servers that host the CYE Image Collection website. Its members include Jake Engleman, Jason Hill, Jesse Caldwell, and Orrie Gartner. The website accesses its images and data from the CYE's LUNA Insight image database.

The Insight database's "active" server is a Dell R510 system running RedHat Enterprise Linux 5. It is an x86-64 architecture with dual quad-core E5640 Xeon processors running at 2.66GHz each with 24GB of memory and nearly 3TB of storage in a RAID-5 configuration.

The video streaming server is a Dell 2950 system running RedHat Enterprise Linux 5. It is an x86-64 architecture with dual quad-core Xeon E5420 processors running at 2.5GHz each with 8GB of memory and nearly 4.5TB of storage in a RAID-5 configuration.

The third server is used to back-up the live LUNA Insight database and its JPEG 2000 derivative images, as well as the 20MB master TIFF image files. It also backs up the video streaming system. This server is a Dell 2950 system running RedHat Enterprise Linux 5. It is an x86-64 architecture with a single quad-core E5430 processor running at 2.67GHz with 2GB of RAM and 2.5TB of storage in a RAID-5 configuration. The backups are being done with rdiff-backup and are also periodically written to tape via an external LTO-3 tape drive attached to the server.

Dallas Teks Group

Jerry Spaeder and Dallas Teks Group have provided web application development, design, and database consulting services for the University of Colorado since the mid 1990s. This site was developed by Spaeder using PHP and MySQL.

Telephone: 214-821-3700